In this first module we want to inspire you to look critically at predictions, visions, as well as trends and to reflect on your personal and other’s viewpoint concerning the future. You should receive a general overview of the field of Futures Studies and Foresight as well as its usefulness in various areas. You should get a first impression of the relevant aspect and tools used in the field. The aim is to give you an understanding that for example by a change of perspective on ideas, stories, and visions of the future it becomes a tool in itself.


Lesson 1: An introduction to views on the future and the profession of future studies and foresight

1.1.1 The perceptions of the term future

1.1.2 The perspectives on the future

1.1.3 The perception and attitude on the future

1.1.4 The many futures

1.1.5 The professions Futures Studies and Foresight

Lesson 2: The influence of the perception on the future

1.2.1 How the past imagined the future

1.2.2 What are personal, organizational, global futures

1.2.3 Analytical tool – Environments

1.2.4 Analytical tool – STEEP

Lesson 3: The future and its possibilities through the typology of futures

1.3.1 Types of Futures

1.3.2 The Futures Cone

1.3.3 Forces Shaping Futures