In Module 3, we will take you on a journey during which you will discover foresight methodology, methods for trend identification and analysis and such fascinating issues as wild cards and weak signals. You should receive a general overview of methodological assumptions of foresight studies. The aim is to give you an understanding how to approach futures in a methodological way and how to translate megatrends and trends shaping the daily activities of organisations and individuals into long-term strategy building reinforcing present decision-making processes at the same time.

Topics, which are covered in this module include:


Lesson 1: Introduction to foresight methodology

3.1.1. Methodological assumptions of foresight studies

3.1.2. Foresight diamond

Lesson 2: Methods for trend identification and analysis

3.2.1 Megatrends, trends

3.2.2. Trend analysis

3.3.3. Technology foresight


Lesson 3: Spotting unprecedented events

3.3.1. Uncertainty and predictability in foresight studies

3.3.2. Wild cards & weak signals – notions and examples

3.3.3. Technological disruptions