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Framework foresight is a method for carrying out foresight projects developed at the University of Houston. The method is a systematic way to develop a ‘‘start-to-finish’’ future view of a domain or topic of interest and to explore its implications.

Forecasting promising technology via patent analysis is significant for establishing management strategies, since the patent literature is a unique source of technical information.

Time series forecasting methods produce forecasts based solely on historical values and they are widely used in business situations where forecasts of a year or less are required.

Text mining refers to the process of extracting interesting and non-trivial patterns or knowledge from text documents: it has a great  commercial potential since 80% of a company’s information is contained in text documents.

Roadmapping is one of the popular management tools used in future studies, especially during technology planning and development.

Delphi is a method facilitating the location or construction of consensus among experts on predictions concerning a specific issue.

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