Also the activities following  the real foresight have a certain importance: in fact the results would have limited impact if they are not communicated and used in the right way.

Communicating foresight results is not always an easy task and approaching different stakeholders by leveraging the outcomes of various methodologies is the key to allow them understanding the added value of foresight activities. At the same time, build a future oriented organization and foster the change management are key activities.

Module 4 will propose some tools and methods to exploit for clearly and effectively communicate and exploit futures studies results to in different contexts.

The aim of Module 4  is allow the learner to understand how to leverage the outcomes of different methodologies for creating and communicating plausible futures and understand basic elements of a  future oriented organization,  basic pillars of managing change initiatives and how to foster change management and future oriented culture in organizations.

Topics, which are covered in this module include:


Lesson 1: Selected foresight methods

4.1.1 Basics of scenarios

4.1.2 Introduction to delphi method

Lesson 2: Communicating futures studies outcomes

4.2.1 Foresight results to communicate

4.2.2 Setting up foresight communication strategy

Lesson 3: From Futures to Innovation

4.3.1 Double Diamond – Future Design Process

4.3.2 Diamond I – Discover & Define Future Challenges

4.3.3 Diamond II – Develop & Deliver Future Ideas