What is this lesson about?
The purpose of this lesson is to understand how to scan the business-environment for trends (and weak signals), to comprehend why & how to use the results of such scanning in an organisation, and to understand how patent analysis could contribute to technology foresight activities.

Who is it for?
It is intended for everyone with basic knowledge on foresight or futures studies. This lesson will further develop the methods used in trend and patent analysis and will explain to you how you could apply these methods in practice.

How will you benefit from taking this lesson?
In this lesson you will understand what is new and what is motivating consumers and driving desires and use this knowledge as an inspiration to create business. You will learn the basics of TRIZ theory and patent analysis. You will understand how information on patents can be used as a reliable information source for technology forecasting.

Competences addressed by the lesson:

  • Thinking Creatively
  • Analysing data or information
  • Inductive reasoning