We are happy to announce the 9th beFORE project newsletter. Please find below the latest news and articles.

Careers and learning over 100 years.

A recent study of the Santa Lucia Institute calculates life expectancy in Spain to be 82.8 years old and that it increases by 10 hours every day. Two years ago, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott, teachers at the London School of Economics, published an...

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EIT Climate-KIC

Authors: Anna Sacio – Szymańskaa; Nicolas Balcom Raleighb a Lukasiewicz Research Network – Institute for Sustainable Technologies b Finland Futures Research Centre - Turku School of Economics Long Termism and Futures Literacy on the agenda of EIT...

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BeFORE Project

From the automotive to the aerospace industry, major traditional economic sectors internationally are looking back to several highly successful decades driven by a large expansion of the world markets in general. This extended period, from the post- World...

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