Short introduction and learning objectives & keywords

We live in a complex reality and are surrounded by complex problems. Some of them seem to affect our daily activities directly, other seem to be more distant in time and space…

What is this lesson about?
The purpose of this lesson is to take a reflexive look at several examples of contemporary global challenges, particularly their comprehensive nature and some implications resulting from them. You will explore the notions of “system” and “system thinking” further, but instead of focusing on applications of systems thinking in personal or professional settings; we’d like you to focus more on a global level.

Who is it for?
It is intended for everyone even without basic knowledge on foresight or futures studies. Take the lesson to better understand a complex reality that we live in. Discover global challenges, which seem to be distant in time and space but do affect our daily activities directly.

How will you benefit from taking this lesson?
In this lesson you will discover the global system of 15 challenges our humanity is facing and you will understand what variables constitute the State of the Future Index. You will find out whether progress or regress is being made on the most important global challenges and finally we shall explain to you how you could actively contribute to the ongoing worldwide discussion about the global challenges.

Competences addressed by the lesson:

  • Systems Analysis
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Influencing others