“What is this lesson about?
This lesson provides and overview on qualitative and quantitative approaches you can adopt for undertaking foresight activities. It presents both theoretical and practical examples and case studies so to easily translate high-level concepts in concrete results.

Who is it for?
It is intended for everyone who already has basic knowledge on foresight or futures studies. If you would like to be more aware about the foresight domain this lesson suits your needs and it will help you in becoming a real futurist!

How will you benefit from taking this lesson?
In this lesson you will understand the importance of framing the entire process and learn some tools, both quantitative and qualitative, to face foresight activities. You will learn about basics of patent analysis, time series analysis and forecasting, and using text mining in foresight studies. We will show you an example of roadmapping, Delphi method and intuitive logics school of scenario construction.”

Competences addressed by the lesson:

  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Analysing data or information
  • Inductive reasoning