What is this lesson about?
The lesson is a basic introduction to the concept of trends and megatrends in foresight studies. It starts with introduction to the definitions of trend and megatrend, their types and categories. The second part deals with main tools and approaches which enable trend identification and analysis. Finally, the concept of technology foresight and structured process of its realization with examples of some useful tools are introduced.

Who is it for?
This lesson is intended for anyone who has no or very little knowledge on trends, megatrends and technology foresight concepts in futures research. If you want to learn how to discover tools and approaches that will help you to analyze and exploit trends for anticipating the future and understand how technologies evolve through technology foresight activities, you have to take this lesson.

How will you benefit from taking this lesson?
You will receive the basic knowledge about trends and megatrends and their importance for gathering precious insights about the future. You will get an information about popular methods for trend identification and analysis. You will get a competence to scan the future in a proper way by understanding how technologies evolve through technology foresight activities.

Competences addressed by the lesson:

  • Critical thinking
  • Analysing data or information