What is this lesson about?
This lesson will focus on the uses of foresight to illustrate how it can provide guidance and enable strategic decisions in policy-making; in research and in business. The focus of the lesson will be on practical case studies. The lesson will refer to foresight activities as tools to help achieve a sustainable path to economic and social development.

Who is it for?
It is intended for everyone with a basic knowledge on foresight or futures studies. If you take the lesson, you will understand how foresight works in practice!

How will you benefit from taking this lesson?
This lesson will provide you with clear evidence on how foresight is used to address strategic questions and manage strategic issues of key relevance for a society on various levels of governance, for research community, or a business person focused on organisational development.

Competences addressed by the lesson:

  • Developing Objectives and Strategies
  • Making Decisions and Solving Problems
  • Influencing others