Are you a student that wants to get benefited from beFORE?

  • Are you a curious and ambitious person interested in developing future orientation skills?
  • Would you like to identify possible professional paths both in academia and business, that best fit you? Or, are you even interested in starting your own business?
  • Open for any field and any year of study.

Following this learning path…

You will be able to…

  • Apply tools and methods to get insights into futures and new skills to spot and exploit potential career opportunities
  • Use methodologies to understand trends and megatrends in social, economic and technological developments and how they could impact on your organization (current or future)
  • Understand how cognitive biases can affect your future career decisions and to learn about system analysis in order to better understand the complex nature of the labour market

Course Content

Lessons Status

Module 1 Lesson 1: An introduction to views on the future and the profession of future studies and foresight


Module 1 Lesson 2: The influence of the perception on the future


Module 1 Lesson 3: The future and its possibilities through the typology of futures


Module 2 Lesson 2: Traps of individual thinking


Module 3 Lesson 2: Methods for trends identification and analysis


Module 5 Lesson 2: Future-oriented methodologies


Module 5 Lesson 3: Future-oriented entrepreneurship


Certificate Lesson