As the past article on the “Soft skill for the future” ( highlighted, soft skills are very important for the labour market for the future. The big question is which are the main competences that will be required.

In September 2018, Erre Quadro started a new Erasmus+ project named ULISSE, “Understanding, Learning and Improving Soft Skills for Employability”. The goal of the project is to identify which are the most important competences for the labour market, with a specific focus on soft skills. The main output will be the creation of training courses, favouring the employability of the graduates within the companies.

In particular Erre Quadro is currently analysing the job offers provided by the career services belonging to the Partners universities, but also data gathered from external databases and scientific literature, using advanced proprietary software. Such study allows to extract the transversal competences that are most required by the companies; this procedure should guarantee more objectivity with respect to relying on experts judgement.