Please read the descriptions below to find out if any of them matches your personal profile.

Sara is a student at the faculty of management. She does not know, yet which professional career to pursue. She would like to consider all possible alternatives and weigh opportunities and threats. “What will be the future of work?” and “Where will I realize my potential?” – she often asks herself.

Tom studies at engineering faculty. He is dreaming to set up his own company. He constantly reads about technological discoveries and occasionally inspects local business environment to look for potential opportunities. He would like to approach his professional development  paths in a more methodical way. “What business scenario will work best for me?” – he wonders.

George is an academic teacher. He has been teaching entrepreneurship for 20 years. He is an expert in the field, but he finds it more and more challenging to follow and respond to rapidly changing paradigm shifts due to scientific, technological, and social developments. He would welcome some structured guidance on how to analyse and incorporate the implications from current and possible future developments into his teaching practice.

Julia is a university teacher and researcher. She specializes in strategic and innovation management. She has just started her academic career. She is up to date with all the latest trends but she does not want to limit herself to one educational field. She has heard about Futures Studies, or has met some foresight practitioners. She would like to find out how these concepts are practically related to her field of academic and professional interest.

Peter owns two companies. One produces parts for a specific industry; the other offers services to individual clients. He needs future-oriented management support in both his undertakings. He would welcome a long-term view on global developments to better orientate his businesses on the current and future markets. He is aware that the competition does not sleep. He needs to act now.

Emma works in an R&D department of an SME. The company is growing fast, but faces many challenges (internal and external). Sometimes she wonders if they are not too short-sighted when it comes to strategic planning. Often, she finds herself asking if they are not limiting themselves to already tried-out solutions. The other day she ponders “Where do all the projects and orders that we take lead us? “What is our future?” – she wonders.

In beFORE project we are working on the e-learning offer, which will introduce the concepts of foresight and anticipation to help you cope with some of the uncertainties described above. These Futures Literacy e-learning courses are planned to be released by mid-2019.

If one of the descriptions matched your personal profile, it means that our educational offer can support you professionally. If your situation is different, please check yourself if you could benefit from our e-learning courses.

Take a 5 minute “Fit-for-Foresight”! on-line quiz to find out to what extend you or your company can benefit from implementing foresight in your daily activities. Answer 3 short questions about your professional career or business environment. The quiz is available in three versions: for Academics, for Entrepreneurs, and for Students.