Author: Helene M. Claire

Future Sciences sounds abstract, theoretical and far away, while you as entrepreneurs are facing daily challenges.

The long term and complex process of understanding the patterns of the preliminary environment analysis, the underlying equations of future projections and the huge spectrum of possible future event combination might not be the path to choose while you are seeking for short term solutions, rapid sales ramp-up and return on investment is the key.

So unlike MBA´s, business studies and other form of practical courses, future studies might not sound attractive to you.

In some cultures, as an entrepreneur you will enjoy a high level of respect. As a futures business person, taking significant risks, putting your private life and comfort behind, to start develop new projects, dreaming for innovation, improving daily life of others. You are dreamer, you are one of tomorrow´s leader. You tirelessly spend hours taking decisions, creating new ways, sometime for each single formalities, for each single new step. You might also be day-by-day facing hurdles, doubts, lack of trust, you might socially not seldom feel far more isolate than your safely employed peers. In some other cultures, you might not even get any real recognition, as the values do not valuate individual or difference.

Now, lets take a few seconds to have a short look at challenges you are facing today as an entrepreneurs. Those are far more than just economical or of management nature. For all these, indeed business studies do deliver practical, proven tools with the knowledge of past entrepreneur and business organization successes. Those will provide the key for economical equations. But aren´t you a visionary?

Your biggest values as entrepreneurs are your dreams, your visions, your strategic understanding.

And what are your tools to formulate, develop, continuously reinvent the world today?

…future studies is such a tool. Future studies is the key to valuate your visions and ideas. And no, I do not necessarily take years and decades to become future oriented entrepreneur and develop your most critical skill: future literacy.