Future awareness is not only about predicting the futureIt is also about ‘using the future’ to expand our perception of the present!  Following the theory of Riel Miller from UNESCO, if we move away from the dominant approach of likely and desirable future and we start imagining the most wild, unlikely and sometimes even odd future we liberate our mindset and we open up to the new emerging opportunities. It can be said that to do the impossible we need imagine the impossible first! It allows us to enter into the place of pure innovation leaving behind the past assumptions or prejudices  and  maximizing our present movements without past blockages.

The  concept  is extremely powerful either for an individual  or for organizations and enterprises! Current studies suggest that if we change the way how we perceive the future,  we change our perception towards the present, which influences our daily decisions and actions! It suggests, however,  the dark side of ‘using the future’ too.  The image of the future can either maximize or limit our present moves. Therefore, we need to know how to  ‘use the future’  wisely to build a better present for us as individuals or for our organizations. To know how to start doing  it in practice,  please see the whole interview with Riel Miller here!