Interdisciplinary approach to future-oriented entrepreneurs concept – beFORE project presented in Ghana on the 2nd ICEBUT Conference.

Our project representative, Anna Pająk (researcher from the Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute) has recently returned from a short-term scientific expedition to Africa, where she participated in the “International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Business and Technology (ICEBUT) 2018”, organized in Accra by Methodist University College Ghana on March 26-27.

On the first day of the conference, Anna presented the article entitled “Competences of future-oriented entrepreneurs. Interdisciplinary approach “, as part of the thematic session “Entrepreneurship and Economic Development “, conducted by Professor Ivy Drafor Amenyah, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Methodist University College of Ghana. The paper was devoted to the concept of theoretical modeling of “future-oriented entrepreneurship” and exploring the potential of adopting foresight and futures literacy into  the entrepreneurship education by analyzing the convergences between the two fields.

The presentation was in line with the main theme of the conference, which related to building effective cooperation between representatives of the scientific and academic community, business, and governmental authorities responsible for creating policies in the areas of entrepreneurship, science, education, and knowledge & technology transfer.

The conference consisted of several thematic sessions, where representatives of academia presented results of their scientific research and shared good practices related to the following themes:

  • Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
  • Entrepreneurship Innovations and Training
  • Financial Innovations and Small Business Development
  • University-Industry Collaboration and Employability
  • Human Development and Marketing
  • New Venture Creation, the Creative Industry and Supply Chain Management
  • Technology, Knowledge Transfer and New Learning Technologies
  • Institutions and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Public Policy and Economic Development.

For more information about the ICEBUT 2018 conference visit the MUCG website.

beFORE project presentation from the conference is available for download here.

The next destinations on the project’s dissemination agenda are:

  • FTA 2018 conference on 4 – 5 June in Brussels, where we’ll be present with a poster entitled: “Teaching future-oriented entrepreneurship – rationale, methodology and insights from the survey” and
  • ISPIM 2018 Innovation conference on 17-20 June in Stockholm, where we’ll be leading a workshop on “Exploring the Perspectives of Futures – Futures Literacy meets Design Thinking”.

See you there!