First “Elkarrekin Ekin” event took place on 5th March in the premises that Mondragon University has in Oñati, under the title “Nothing is Impossible”. Organized by MTA OÑATI LAB inside Mondragon University Empresagintza (MUE), it was not only open to LEINN teampreneurs but also to local entrepreneurs and everybody interested in the entrepreneurial world.

After the introductory welcome and ice-breaking activity, Iker Larrañaga (Google) and Amaia Arroyo (IKT ON)  talked about their entrepreneurial experience, focusing on their learnings and demonstrating the importance of dreaming big and thinking on the future.

The speakers underlined the relevancy of foresight and future thinking to promote innovative entrepreneurship, with focus on “building teams with empathy” and “how to keep a lean philosophy”.

The event ended up with a practical session whose aim was to create a canvas of the future, promoting long term thinking habits. Leinn teampreneurs and local entrepreneurs were grouped in small teams and were asked to develop the next topic:

“We are in 2025, how do you imagine the following sectors? : Education, Transport, Food, Wellness, Work”.

Using the design thinking process as a structure, the entrepreneurs imagined our future, incorporating future thinking into the process of creating innovation strategies.

“Elkarrekin Ekin” aims at contributing to the Mondragon Valley entrepreneurs ecosystem with a monthly session and the next one is planned for the  16th April, also in MUE, Onati. The topic will be: “Early stage investors & Business Angels”.