The 7th partnership meeting of the beFORE project took place in Warsaw on 2nd and 3rd July 2019, hosted by 4CF.

The meeting felt in a critical phase for the project. In May and June 2019 the pilot test of the training course was implemented in the 4 partner countries: in this period 146 students, 39 academics and 32 entrepreneurs took the course on our website. In total 446 modules were tested, in particular Module 1 (227 users). Even if the qualitative feedback given by the users were rather positive, the partners found out that there are still some aspects to be fine-tuned. Thus, the focus of the first part of the meeting was on the definition of the strategy to adopt for the revision of the contents before the official release of the beFORE Future Literacy training course.

The partners discussed also about innovative ways for presenting the modules on the website, so to propose some educational paths designed upon the specific training needs of the target groups.

Afterwards, the partners discussed about the partnership exploitation strategy and brainstormed about how to mainstream and multiply the impacts of the course. Each partner is also in charge of defining its own exploitation strategy, so to involve as many stakeholders as possible in the follow-up of the project activities.

If you want to take one or more modules of the beFORE course, or maybe testing one of the tailor-made educational paths, you just need to wait until October: at the moment you can be sure to find on our website the final version of the e-learning course.