Work Package (WP) 9 is live; in this WP we are going to check the quality of the work that we have done so far.

In WP3 the partnership designed the architecture of the educational packages in accordance with the preparatory studies of the previous WPs. From the general structure, going more in depth, partners identified also the essential topics related to future studies that will compose the core e-learning course. Therefore, aim of WP9 is to ensure that the architecture, the topics and, above all, learning outcomes comply with what users of the e-learning course believe to be important.

With this objective in mind, in the last weeks we prepared a brief questionnaire to show the structure of the course and to ask an evaluation about their importance for professional growth. In the questionnaire, learning modules, topics and expected outcomes are disclosed in order to inform potential users and to evaluate their interest.

If you want to contribute with your opinion, please take part in the survey and click on the following link: