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Summary of the lesson

  • The world is in a race between implementing ever-increasing ways to improve the human condition and the seemingly ever-increasing complexity and scale of global problems.
  • The Millennium Project is a world-wide network of practitioners who are committed to bring to a wider debate critical issues underpinning the development of humanity and the world.
  • Although, the Millennium Project activities prove that overall humanity is progressing at a steady pace; many areas need constant monitoring and improvement through targeted local, regional or global policies and actions.
  • You are welcome to contribute your insights to The Millennium Project to improve the overview of global challenges for future editions of State of The Future report.
  • You are invited to embed global challenges in the context of your professional activity in  business, academia or other settings to contribute to sustainable development and to promote global understanding among communities.
  • The world needs hard headed idealists who can look into the worst and best of humanity to create and implement strategies of success.
  • We hope that this lesson have been motivating enough to do so.

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