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The function of strategic foresight  is to prepare policy-makers, researchers or business actors for the decision-making in the context of the 21st century, which has two determinative characteristics: (1) increasingly uncertain, (2) highly complex.

By gathering foreknowledge; broadening strategy focus and enhancing mindsets of key actors; strategic foresight can contribute to decision-making by recommending visionary decisions, policies and strategies,  which embrace such a complex, emergent and uncertain reality.

Furthermore, strategic foresight allows decision-makers from policy, research or business environments to obtain sufficient details on the world situation sufficiently early to enable them to establish a strategy or to take actions, whether this is in terms of total prevention or mitigation of potential adverse consequences or taking advantage of opportunities.

Looking at foresight activities in different countries and organisations reveals that there is no single model of foresight that fits all purposes and backgrounds.

The ways other countries bring foresight to the attention of decision -makers and how it is then implemented differ as well, but there are successful systematic practices from which to learn.

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